"It's every lawyer's dream to help shape the law, not just react to it"
- Alan Dershowitz


"Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends"
- Felix Frankfurter


Woods Advocates

Character – Unison – Perseverance


Woods Advocates was founded in Valletta, Malta’s capital, back in 1987 by Manging Partner Dr Edward Woods and has since established itself as a local leader in the civil and commercial litigation.

WA’s focus is on our clients and the fulfillment of their objectives. At WA we believe that client satisfaction and external recognition is the real measure of our success. At the firm’s core operation are our client relationships, for we believe that only through mutual trust, can winning relations be formed.

At WA we believe in a strong work ethic based on our core values. We believe that only working together consistently we can maintain the edge which we have gained in the last years. Consistency through discipline, rigour and strategy is what makes our track record what it is.

Our approach to civil and commercial litigation is based on expertise and knowledge of the local court room. AT WA, litigation is treated not a necessity but as a specialization pertaining to the few; a specialisation which has been passed down through four generations of legal professionals.

Mentoring at WA is a career long process and development is a never-ending affair. We offer traineeships on an annual basis. Each member is carefully selected from among his or her peers – competence and adaptability remain key.

At WA, we stand firmly by our belief that success is not a destination but a way of life.

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